5 Reasons Why Mac Computers Are Better Than Other PC's

Are you trying to decide which computer you should get? If so, you're probably faced with choosing between a Mac and a PC. While both do have their positives and negatives, a Mac computer has far more advantages over a PC. Here's a look at five great reasons why Mac computers stand above a PC. Mac-vs-PC

A Better Operating System. Without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of a Mac computer over a PC is the operating system. The Mac features the OS X operating system, which is totally different than Windows or Linux. It is super easy to use, it's efficient and it is very user friendly. While yes, Windows and Linux are definitely good operating systems, neither one is as easy to use as OS X.

Increased Security. Another pro of the Mac is increased security. The programming is virtually unchangeable, which means that it is impossible for other users to alter the functions of the machine and it's also extremely difficult for viruses to infiltrate the system. This is particularly important if you are buying anything online which would require you to use your credit card, or even if you are playing a mac online casino for real money.

Better Design. When talking about the design of a Mac vs a PC, there is no competition; a Mac features a far better design than a PC. They are attractive, they have a backlit keyboard and so many other design features that make them stand out above a PC.

Loaded with Apple's Key Innovations. When you purchase a Mac, you have the advantage of automatically being outfitted with some of Apple's leading innovations. Mac's are built with iTunes, Multi-touch and MagSafe – just to name a few – which are automatically installed. You definitely won't get those types of programs automatically installed on a PC.

Fantastic Default Software. And yet another perk of the Mac over the PC: Macs are loaded with excellent default software. When you purchase a Mac, you will have the benefits of having iLife automatically installed on your computer, which includes iPhoto, iWeb, iDVD, Garage Band and iMovie. And, all of these programs are far more advanced and easier to use than the default software that a PC comes with, such as Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker.

So, if you're trying to decide which type of computer you should get, given these five definite and distinctive pros of the Mac, there is obviously no competition between it and a PC. You won't regret being the owner of a Mac.