Mac Book Pro Memory Upgrades

What do you save to your MacBook Pro? Documents; MP3s; photos? Saving so much information to your MacBook Pro is wonderful; however, there's only so much it can save with its factory settings. Fortunately, there is a way to increase your machine's memory, and by increasing that memory, you will be able to save even more information.

Are you wondering how to go about upgrading or replacing the memory (or RAM) of your MacBook Pro? If so, keep on reading to find out some simple and extremely valuable tips.

Get the RAM you need for upgrading. Before you can upgrade the memory on your machine, you need to purchase it. Fortunately, RAM is pretty inexpensive these days – and you can purchase it pretty much anywhere that sells computer supplies.
Get your workspace ready. In order to upgrade your memory, you're going to want to prepare a workspace. You want to have plenty of room and in order to simplify the process even more, you should look into getting an anti-static mat. This mat will eliminate any static on the surface that you are working on (static can potentially destroy your machine and even cause harm). Take your anti-static mat and spread it out on your work surface.

Gather all of your tools. Make sure you have all of the tools that you will need on hand. This includes:

A pry stick tool
A Phillips screwdrivers
A headlamp
Double-sided tape
Compressed air
Rubbing alcohol
Thread locker
Microfiber cloth

Connect the ground wire. Once you have your workspace set up, you are going to want to attach the ground wire of the anti-static mat to the ground prong of an electric plug. Any plug will work for this process.

Make sure you ground yourself. Before you proceed any further, make sure you ground yourself. You can do this with an anti-static wristband. Even the slightest amount of static electricity can cause your computer to short, and static can easily be conducted from you to your computer. An anti-static wristband is an ideal way to eliminate that static. When putting it on, make sure it's not too tight. You'll also want to make sure that you wear it the entire time that you are working on the internal components of your computer. And, though the wristband will ground you pretty well, you do want to make sure that you avoid touching any parts that have an electronic pulse in it with your hands. Doing so will leave your natural oils behind, which can conduct electricity.

Start working. Shut down the computer and lay it upside down on the anti-static mat. Remove the screws and slowly take off the back of the computer.
Remove the RAM. Locate the RAM in your computer. It is often green, red or blue in color and has little chips on it. Gently press on either side of the RAM and pull it out.

Install new RAM. Carefully insert the new RAM into your computer. Hold the modules on the sides, insert them into the socket and then push down until you hear a click.

Once you've inserted the new RAM, close up the computer and you are ready to go with more memory.

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